Design Agencies

What is a design agency and what does a design agency do?

A design agency is an organisation- virtual or otherwise- that comes up with plans, item dimensions and specifications that are subsequently used to develop products. The actions of a design agency may not always culminate in products since some offer various types of services such as a retail design agency that designs the interior of various retail outlets for optimum returns. In other cases, an agency may be made up of professional freelancers who have come together to support and complement each other.

What types of design agency is there?

There are various types of design services and therefore agencies including retail design agencies, architectural design agencies, creative design agencies, engineering design agencies, machinery and equipment design, interior design, fashion, industrial, landscape design and so on. A design agency may be specialised or it may offer a variety of design related services to its clients.

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Who would need to use a design agency?

A Design agency can be used both by individuals or businesses who do not have the knowhow, human resource, time and even tools to carry out various kinds of design. Big industrial companies, start up businesses, multi national organisations and local companies irrespective of the industry of operation are free to use design services so long as their engagements are within the confines of the law.

Why would someone use a design agency?

First, design services require technical knowledge that one may not possess at the moment and which may take a while to acquire and master. Besides, no one can be an expert in all fields. Second, the design agencies have a myriad of experience in their field of operation which ensures that they deliver high quality services and products to you. Third, they have access to sophisticated tools and software that they use to bring forth high quality products and services. These are usually beyond reach for most individuals and small businesses given the high capital investment required for some of them.

There are various regulations and standards governing various design services. While these can be learnt, it may take time to understand and implement all of them. Design agencies have been in the field for a while and have an in depth understanding of the application of these laws and regulations in various markets and for different products. They are therefore better placed to do the work. This is especially important when the client is new to the field of work or the country of operation.

In some cases, businesses may outsource the work because it is cheaper to work with an agency than to invest in full time employees to do the work. This is beneficial for small companies because they can get high quality work that is prerequisite in attracting and retaining clients. Short term projects are especially economical to outsource for businesses across the size spectrum.

What to look for

As you hire different agencies, these are the factors that you ought to consider: level of specialisation, the amount of fees charged, experience in the field, value addition to the services or products, how well they handle clients and the availability of resources to serve multiple clients at a go without compromising on the quality of services and products. You can ask for referrals from family and friends for organisations that are affordable and offer high quality services.